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I hope this Blog will prove helpful in the recognition and useful in deterrence of Parental Alienation.

I will undoubtedly be using this blog in part as a therapeutic venue. I will also use this blog as a communication portal to my children if they should choose to use it.

"Parental Alienation is about parents who place their own selfish needs above those of their defenseless children and in doing so, they deny them their right to love and be loved by both parents. Alienators do not fit the stereotype of the deficient and ill-equipment parent. Instead, these parents are generally articulate, resourceful, and competent in all other aspects of their lives – except in the realm of parenting. In fact, these individuals might easily be mistaken for ideal parents, except to the properly informed, because they profess love and concern for their children. What sets these individuals apart from other dysfunctional parents is their overwhelming commitment to meeting their own needs first. In doing so, they destroy the relationship their children have with the other parent – at whatever cost. ” Dr. Reena Sommer - Internationally Recognized Divorce and Custody Consultant
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Another great loss......

The last of her generation (on both sides) is gone. I am grateful to have had this wonderful woman in my life. Granny passed on and will she be fondly remembered by all that knew her. She was warm and accepting of everyone that came in contact with her. Sad to say, Matthew Jr., only met Granny as a toddler and never had the chance to know Granny. On the other hand, Brooke had several encounters with Granny and knows her as (family) Granny. One of my favorite memories spent with Granny and Brooke was one Christmas holiday when I wanted to take a picture of Brooke with Granny and Brooke did her usual (not smiling for the camera thing) and Granny turned to her and said "--- ---" and Brooke burst with laughter and smiled as she tried to turn away from the camera trying to avoid the appearance of joy. Granny had the touch with even the hardest and stubborn of hearts.
Granny made everyone she encountered feel as if they were special. She loved us all unconditionally. Though she never really knew Matthew Jr, he was her great grandson and she loved him too.

I am so sorry (for whatever reason) that Matthew Jr. and Brooke were robbed of having a relationship with their Great Granny and Grandpa. Now they are gone and nothing can be done about it. My heart is broken for them because of the relationships they have missed out on and will loose out on in the future. They didn't deserve the alienation tactics they endured and still don't. It makes me angry and I hurt for them. It is a pain that will never go away.

The children would have loved their Granny too if they had been allowed to.

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